Lauren Matthews ~ Photography & Film

Based in London, I am a passionate film-maker and photographer. I combine this with my personal interests to create thought-provoking documentaries, original music videos and run a professional photography business. Subject-based pieces, commissions, videos for music artists, shoots of festivals and gigs, family portraits, weddings, film editing. So whether you are interested in filming or documentaries, or simply wish to capture that special moment in the right way, feel free to get in touch. Continue reading...


Photography allows me to capture the beauty of the environment around us, both people and places in everyday and extra ordinary situations. Within the constant flow of time and movement 

Lauren Matthews

I am a London-based cinematographer with 10 years experience in film making and photography. I am passionate about making thought-provoking documentaries, lighting short films and music videos. Recent clients include: Chase and Status, Uk Vogue for London Fashion Week.


I am passionate about cinematography and lighting, short films and music videos. Recent projects have involved travelling to Africa to film for 'The Brufut Education Project'.


Lauren Mathews' work with us in Gambia was an example of professionalism, creative inspiration, and a friendly, cooperative attitude. She managed all the camera work, editing and directing.